Jet Set Siempre

Clive Tanaka y su orquesta

Clive Tanaka y su orquesta’s “Jet Set Siempre No. 1” now on Cassette

cómprelo aquí/buy it here


  Bert wrote @

oh you

  DJ Statusfied wrote @

This is the best album of 2010, 2011 & 2012. The competition is over for the next 3 f-cking years!

You sir/sirs are geniuses!!!

DJ Stat…..


  Rich / the social registry wrote @

The tape showed up in today’s mail, put it on in the car a bit ago. Brilliant.

  Arvo wrote @

Received your cassette in the mail and played it on air less than 15 minutes after opening it, knew it was good from the first 15 seconds. Thanks for submitting something! I’m impressed by the turquoise shells too!

  dan k wrote @

im hooked,, bought my second cassette ever today… i know im gonna wear this one out… smoothest vibes ive heard all summer,,,,

  Cauchemardesque wrote @

Oh how I love you.

  MR1000 wrote @

Its a very good tunes !!!! Its just so magic.

  Daniel Marshall wrote @

Bought my cassette today and I am in love with it. I want to listen to it everywhere but my twenty pound cassette player prevents this. Any chance this will ever go digital? I would buy the album again just to listen to this wonderful music wherever I go.

  Brandon wrote @

I got this tape as a wedding gift. It was a magical soundtrack to the best weekend of my life. Thank you!

  Carl wrote @

I went to great lengths to get a walkman in order to listen to this and it was ridiculously worth it.

  Mike Aceto wrote @

This tape is absolutely amazing! I bought two copies and played one in the car during my best friend’s wedding weekend. The music has such stunning memories associated with it now for me and him! It brings tears to his eyes whenever he listen to as it reminds him of the best day/weekend of his life. Thank you for making this and creating such quality music, this is the best thing I’ve heard in a very very long time. Please keep it coming!

  Ben Gruselle wrote @

Hi Clive
yep, it’s me again and I cannot get enough of your tape. I read it’s gonna be released as an LP by Burger Records on the 11th January 2011 – can you also release it as a digital (320 kbits) download PLEASE?
Thanks a lot!

  clivetanaka wrote @

Dear Ben,

It will be released digitally as well on January 11th!

Clive T.

  ben wrote @

Hi Clive,
Really looking forward the tv dream ep with groundislava
Just realized you finally set up an account on soundcloud; please make sure you post your sounds there, jet set siempre is still up to date in 2012.
Looking forward to it!

  Ben wrote @

Hi Clive,
Thanks for the answer; this is great news!
I already got it confirmed by Tall Corn, contacted them & Burger Records as well to find out.
May I suggest again you join SoundCloud so people can follow you?
Also, you may want to check Tensnake from Germany, (current single is ComaCat)

I think you 2 are kind of working along the same lines and a collaboration (a remix?) could conjure up magic !!!!
feel free not to publish this post online.
Best regards

  Andrew wrote @

Will we ever see you in the real world?!?!?! Too amazing to be kept in the internetz.

  Andrew wrote @

Now that I’m less drunk, thank you for making such an awesome tape! It is truly out of this world.

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  tad wrote @

Will it ever be released as a CD?

  clivetanaka wrote @

It will be on record and digital on January 11th! Jet Set Siempre!

  Clive Tanaka y Su Orchestra – Neu Chicago | PEACE BLIND wrote @

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  Sahil wrote @

y’all should definitely play a show here in Chicago!!!!! all my friends will be there, and trust me, I have like at least three friends.

  Jake Rabas wrote @

Tour dates?

  clivetanaka wrote @

some day, perhaps… wrote @

和我经常光顾你的网站页面网页 到现在为止 ?我惊讶 惊讶与分析 ,并与

  SB wrote @

Hé Clive!

Your music is absolutely mind blowing. Could you tell me where I can buy the cassette? Thanks!

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