Jet Set Siempre

Clive Tanaka y su orquesta

max took my trax…



  Mike wrote @

I have posted a link and review for your new music. It sounds great! Keep up the good work.
Mike @ Spool Going Round

  clivetanaka wrote @

thanks, Mike! I hope your cubs can win this year. My Hokkaido Fighters finally won the Japan Series in 2006 – we waited long, but not as long as you! Keigu, Clive

  christopher wrote @

Would never have heard from you (and now not have purchased your record) had it not been from these guys: (check out Hidden Treasures show #267)

They’re a popular rock-talk show on public radio here in the US, also from Chicago.

Congrats on the nod!

Keep up your musical style–it’s sorely needed!!!

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