Jet Set Siempre

Clive Tanaka y su orquesta



  Sebastien Bedard wrote @

Omg where can I buy this? 🙂

  clivetanaka wrote @

soon – stay tuned

  Sebastien Bedard wrote @


  Ben wrote @

Hi Clive
Can we expect other format / digital download (flac) please ?
Thanks a lot

  Clint wrote @

I want!! I’m still bummed I couldn’t get Jet Set Siempre on cassette :/

  clivetanaka wrote @

what’s your address? We might have some hidden in the warehouse…

  Beng wrote @

Hey Clive,
I’m up for 1 too please if that is possible, even tho’ I bought digital fomat!
Will there be other format for than vynil?

  Nelson Wells (@Clermont1) wrote @

Cannot wait. please do keep us at Team Clermont up on it! NW

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