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Beat Connection remix

A remix for my new friends,

Jordan and Reed. Tender:Glove assisted.

– In the Water. Cheers!



Groundislava’s Panorama (Clive Tanaka and Beaunoise Remix) – gratis!

Free Remix for my friend, Groundislava, in support of his new LP.


post-card-china001A “ladies only” mix for Vice Italia, especially my Italian friend, Miss Chain (Thiene) and her Broken Heels… please enjoy.

Beaunoise, miembro de la orquesta


Braille Tape

Cassette here

Free digital sides here

Benefit for the Recovery of Japan record

Benefit for the Recovery in Japan

Benefit for the Recovery of Japan record from Thrill Jockey is 64 songs from the likes of Fennesz, Oneohtrix Point Never, Prefuse 73, and others including my labelmate LOBISOMEM! All for $15USD –

please find it here:


Groundislava remix’d I Want You (So Bad)!


Groundislava has remix of I Want You (So Bad) – thanks for posting, my friend Laurent @ Pasta Primavera!

New Mix at Merit/Demerit!

My friends at Merit/Demerit posted a new mix. If you live in S Hemisphere, use now; others, defrost l8r. :